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  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Plymouth in the Southwest of the UK. A postage address and label will be provided upon your "repair" or "sell" booking with us.
  • Do you operate by postage only or can I come to your premises?
    We welcome both postage, and visits in person. We do advise that if you wish to visit the office in person then please make contact with us to arrange an appointment.
  • I’ve been told by another repair company or the manufacturer of my device that it cannot be repaired. Will you still investigate the fault?
    Quite often is it the case that this happens. This is because (especially with MacBooks) there are not many specialists capable of component level micro soldering. This means that we can often repair a faulty motherboard instead of replacing it. That means money saving for you!
  • Can I just send you the motherboard/logic board of my device?
    You are welcome to send the motherboard/logic board of your device, although we do discourage this unless you are a commercial customer. We cannot be held responsible if there is damage or short circuit caused by reinstallation of the part back into your machine. You will get photo evidence that the repair has been successful before it is returned. Note: Please do not send parts that have had clear signs of previous attempted repair, it makes our job much harder when trying to unpick a previous repair attempt.
  • Do you take on liquid damage recovery?
    Yes we do. If you have recently liquid damaged your device, please do not power it on or try to charge it! The faster we have it, the better your chances of a successful recovery.
  • Can you help with data recovery?
    We are not data recovery specialists but we are very skilled at reviving dead Apple devices. This often is the best way to recover your data. We do have the equipment to recover data from the dead motherboards and hard drives of certain MacBook models.
  • What is your repair turnaround time?
    This is very much dependant on the fault in question and also the workload we have at the time of receiving your device. we aim to open all devices the day that they arrive and try to diagnose them in the following days and get in touch with you.
  • How does the repair process work?
    If you are enquiring via the internet, you will be redirected to a live chat where you can speak with someone to discuss the problem you are experiencing. They will do their best to preliminarily diagnose and quote (best case/worst case) then we will advise you to post the item to us and once we receive it, we will diagnose fully and get to work. Once the device is working and tested, we will send you proof of its function with an invoice. Once this is paid we will post your device back.
  • Warranty?
    To keep the answer simple, Yes! Both purchased items from us and also repaired items will come with functional warranty. Typically 6 months functional warranty for purchase of refurbished stock and 6 month for repairs. (See T&C section)
  • Can I part exchange my old or faulty device?
    Yes you can. If you contact us we will gladly go over what we can offer you as a discount in exchange for your old or faulty device.
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